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River Tempelin

I cannot say enough good things about Tika as a personal trainer and as a human being! I am almost 47 years old and was looking for a female trainer who would work with my physical limitations (fibromyalgia, a cervical spinal fusion, old wrist injuries, chronic back pain and occasional knee pain), and also someone who was into the philosophy of 'gradualism' in training. I was so afraid of injuring myself more or being so exhausted after sessions because the trainer was wanting me to be more physically intense than I am. Tika's background, experience, certifications and personality are PERFECT! She really listens to you and works to customize a program that is exactly what you want - at your own pace and starting point - to meet your goals. The best thing is.... she supplies all the equipment you need! Tika's personality is lovely ~ she's fun, positive and encouraging. After only a few weeks I began to notice a difference in my core and overall strength. My back pain lessened as my muscles got stronger and I started seeing my chiropractor less often. I've now been working with Tika for 4 months and I always look forward to our sessions each week. She has made such a positive difference in my life and I feel stronger after each session and feel more confident in my abilities. She is always focused on proper form, so I'm not at all worried about her having me do something that might cause an injury. I highly recommend Tika!

Cara Veddireddy

Highly recommend Tika / HomeBody Personal Training, LLC I've been working with her for two years now and she's stuck with me through the highs (getting toned for my wedding was my first goal in working with her) and lows (car accident with shoulder injury that needed to be worked around for months and months) She's great at meeting you where you're at and encouraging you forward, and every once in awhile you'll find a box of new equipment on your porch like it's Christmas (but all included in your monthly payment).

Matt Kane

Tika has been a fantastic resource and guide to a new stage of fitness in my life. Balancing being a father, partner and shift work is complicated. I am a Firefighter for KCFD, and we work 24 hour shifts. I have a history of wrestling, Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit. In short, the gym was becoming a bore and a chore. Tika has been able to create a challenging, approachable and exciting series of workouts. We have been training together for roughly a year, I feel stronger and have a larger gas tank than when we started. Tika discovered a way to make a workout a highlight of the day rather than a drag! I will be training with her as long as she accepts my money.

Glenna Rehkow

I can not recommend Tika enough!! I have always been active, but with age, my body has changed! I have worked out before but never with a coach. Tika has been life changing for me, she has taught me so much about food, macros, and exercises that target my problem areas! I have only been training with her for a month and I have results that I have never had before working out!! Her encouragement and excitement for my success is so motivational, I look forward to my time with her each week!!

Emma Marston

The best in the Midwest - hands down!!! Kind, personable, realistic, encouraging, the list goes on and on. Can’t imagine not working with Tika!

Bona Bones

I've been working with Tika for over a year now and she's hands downI the best trainer I've ever had! If you're interested in training in the comfort of your own home she's the person to hire!

Chelsea Trent

She's the nicest ass-kicker I've ever met! Even tough workouts feel easier with her upbeat attitude. A true pleasure to work with.

Alexa Putnam

I was NOT prepared for how weak I would be postpartum. I was devastated to discover how difficult novice yoga poses were for me, especially because I practiced daily pre-watermelon belly. It turns out that like most women who have had kids, I was dealing with diastasis recti which causes separation of the abs and overall weakness in the core. I reached out to HomeBody for help. Tika promptly created a workout plan tailored to my condition, lifestyle and level of experience. In just 3 weeks my abdominal gap went from three inches wide to just one! This has made a huge difference in my achy back. Tika uses her experience and textbook knowledge in biomechanics to safely and efficiently achieve results. On top of that, she uses a user friendly, free app to schedule online training as well as “homework” to keep you accountable throughout the week!

Amy Hartgrove

Highly recommend for anyone needing a flexible online personal trainer who is genuine and amazing at what she does.

Sarah Rogers

I started with Tika in October and I already feel the difference. My clothes fit differently and I can see muscle definition in spots that weren't there before. I was anxious to work with a personal trainer because all the focus is on me and I wouldn't be able to hide in a full gym, but Tika made me feel very comfortable. Tika is professional, realistic, always makes sure you have what you need, and encourages open communication. Tika makes it known that it is more of a marathon vs. a sprint in progress and once she sees you are ready to add small progressions in your workout, she gives you new stuff. She customizes the workout to what YOU want to work on and provides videos for every exercise so you can make sure you're doing it correctly. She's flexible with scheduling and is up with me at 6 AM twice a month. Tika also helps with nutritional information and is eager to provide practically any help she can to allow her clients to succeed. She's a gem and her job is her passion!

Shelby Fahrni

Training with Tika is TRULY like having a personal driver to your goals! I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last two months and I cannot believe how solid my legs and arms have gotten. I don’t think it’s out the question to say that Victoria’s secret is probably going to ask me to model for them after a few more months of working out with TIKA! I had some moderate hip and shoulder pain before training with Tika regularly. I have ZERO pain now, thanks to strengthening the muscles around those areas! In all seriousness I feel amazing and don’t be surprised I start blowing up the gram next summer with pictures of my ABS. I kind of used to HATE working out, kind of a torture I forced upon myself to get to the cheese and wine! Now I can honestly say I LOOK FORWARD to our weekly sweat sesh’s and even work out on my own now (without the motivation of cheese and wine!). Plus working out is AMAZING for pandemic induced anxiety and depression. Do yourself a favor and sign up for a consultation TODAY! The best part is you get to train via zoom and with minimal equipment! Perfect for if your county has shutdown gyms, and what a time saver working out at home with professional is! 10/10 recommend!

Suzanne Wagener-Singleton

HomeBody Personal Training has been a game changer for me. Tika clearly loves what she does and it is more than apparent in her attention to detail and sincere investment in her client’s success. This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I look forward to my hour of “me time” twice a week. I’ve only been training with Tika for about a month but I’m already feeling stronger and seeing physical changes. She’s amazing. Everyone needs a little Tika in their life.

Sara DeLong

I’ve known and worked with Tika for several years now. Hands down, she is the best, most patient, most talented, hardest-working trainer I’ve ever had. When she says she meets you where you are, believe her. She has listened, and modified training for me more times than I can count. Want a physio-explanation of a particular movement? She has it. Need to be pushed without feeling bullied? She’s on it. Need a champion in your corner as you navigate movement, food, and rest? She’s your person. I’m proud to be her client, and even more happy to call her my friend. Do yourself a favor and check out HomeBody Personal Training.

Ariel Penner

HomeBody is the perfect at-home training plan that is tailored to your fitness level and goals. The work out plans are designed to keep you motivated/engaged while being realistic and obtainable long term. I highly recommend this training plan - plus Tika Castilleja is an excellent trainer, coach, mentor and support system.

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