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I want you to know this about me–


There was a time that I could barely do a 10-second plank or two push-ups. And I want you to know also, I'm not sharing my progress photos to objectify the human body or to put emphasis on weight loss. I shouldn't have to use a picture of my body or my client's body to promote the advantages of exercise and mindful eating. And it's only recently that I've realized how toxic before and after photos can be to some people. But I’m hoping it’s helpful for you to know that you’ll be working with a trainer who has “been through it”. 


Let’s just dive right in shall we: Motherhood knocked my socks right off!


Before my son was born, I was an avid urban cyclist. I even got rid of my car, localized my entire life, and pedaled everywhere for everything. Cycling was my main source of strength, joy, and health. I biked year-round and even through my entire pregnancy.


Unsurprisingly though, my priorities changed after my son’s arrival. Safety became King; my perspective on inner city biking was dramatically altered. For me, the risks of city cycling with my son outweighed the rewards. I eventually gave it up without realizing just how much cycling improved my moods, anxiety, and overall health.


I was also about 50 pounds over my comfortable weight upon deciding it was time to adapt and start driving. 


I knew what I had to do: I got a personal trainer.

Gym workouts replaced cycling. And while they are vastly different experiences, the gym did the job for me. I got my inner joy back, my anxiety was brought down to a
simmer, and I regained my strength (and then some!). I lost more than 50 pounds in the end. 

Meanwhile, I needed a career change. I spent my 20s working in restaurants, often wondering if Music Education was the right path or not (a long-term idea of mine).


After a lot of consideration, I decided to pursue a Personal Training Certification and studied with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After receiving my certification through NASM, I pursued a certification in Ortho-Kinetics for an additional two years. In the meantime, I started my practice as a personal trainer at a popular health club. I was lucky enough to receive weekly counseling from an incredible career mentor and a talented veteran personal trainer. (Thanks for everything, Dylan!)

But then 2020 so rudely interrupted. The coronavirus outbreak knocked all of our socks off.

Forming HomeBody Personal Training, LLC was my solution to safe and convenient exercise throughout the pandemic. I began delivering necessary equipment for workouts to my client’s porches and meeting via Google Meet to guide them through their workouts. 

HomeBody made a lot of people happy. I decided to stick with it. 


Now HomeBody is 4 years old! I’m eager to continue providing fitness equipment, teaching an intelligent approach to movement, and sharing my passion for progress (not perfection) with my clients for years to come.


In addition to training virtually, I recently began training in-person at my preferred local gym. I have been a member of this fantastically clean and organized gym ever since Motherhood knocked my socks off. It's the gym where all my magic happened. 

Whether you decide to train with me virtually or in the gym, thank you; it will mean a lot to ME to be there for YOU!



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